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CBS Early Show Family Finances 101 - Spend Less on Date Night - Parents Magazine

So many moms suggested setting up an online babysitting co-op as a huge way to save money. One popular site where you can do that is Just log on and start swapping childcare with a simple point system.

Read the entire article here.

iVillage / Momtourage A Guide to Babysitting Co-ops / How to start your own co-op to get quality child care at no cost - iVillage

Babysitting co-ops can range from small, casual groups of close friends to large, organized groups of families who might not even know each other very well. The great thing about starting your own co-op is that you determine the size, formality, structure and rules that you feel will work best!

Read the entire post here (we're on page three).

New York Magazing Live Cheap -- Trade Babysitting - New York Guides

Fifteen families in Kat Applegarth Simons's Dumbo apartment building recently got together to form a babysitting co-op. Instead of paying a sitter $15 an hour, the families take turns sitting for each other's kids entirely free of charge.

Read the entire article here.

CBS Early Show Parents Form Babysitting Co-Op - CBS News / The Early Show

Childcare is one of the biggest expenses facing American families. But some parents have found a way to cut costs by sticking together. Susan Koeppen reports.

NBC News Brooklyn Parents Unite To Form Babysitting Cooperative - NBC WNBC4

"A real village raising children in Brooklyn"

Two BabysitterExchange moms discussing their co-op with their local NBC news affiliate in New York.

CBS 2 Consumer Watch: Innovative Ways to get babysitters - CBS WCBS 2

Have plans but no reliable babysitter? CBS2's Consumer Reporter tells you of some innovative ways to help you find a sitter for your kids.

Click here to watch the video.

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