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You spend tokens when other members sit for you
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You earn tokens when you sit for other members
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BabysitterExchange is great for babysitting, car-pooling, sharing errands, pet-sitting, tutoring and other help around the house.

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Communities are groups of people that support each other. It only takes one person to start a community and then friends can be added along the way. There's no limit to the number of people that can be added to your community -- just remember that you may want to limit it to people in the same city to make sharing easier.
Communities can be formed from existing groups, too! Babysitting co-ops; church groups; parents' organizations; neighborhoods and condo associations each make a great starting point for a new neighborex Community. Once everyone sees how much easier life can be once you're using neighborex, everyone will want to join.
Each Community has a "Community Captain" that's responsible for administrative tasks -- approving new members, resolving disputes and managing the community settings. The person that creates the community is the first Community Captain but you can rotate or appoint any other community member as the Captain at any time.
Within neighborex, "tokens" are a way to make sure everyone in a community is helping out as much as they are being helped. As you perform tasks for others, you will earn tokens. As others perform tasks for you you will "pay" them with tokens. It's about keeping things fair without singling anyone out or pointing fingers. Everyone is happier when the entire community is helping out.
You will be granted a certain number of tokens when you join a community (or when you create a new one). Everyone that joins the community will start with the same number of tokens. The Community Captain, responsible for the community settings, determines the exact number.
You never have to worry that you're asking for too much as long as your token balance remains somewhere near where you started.
Token balance running low? Check the request list and help out more often. Token balance getting high? Take it easy and ask for some help once in a while.
Trust is important, right? neighborex has a unique system for ensuring that your requests are sent only to those community members that you trust to help with that specific task. Don't worry. No one will know but you that not everyone is on your "approved" list for each task.
It's also important that you are constantly asked to help out with tasks that you're not comfortable providing. If you are alergic to dogs, why should you have to see community requests for dog sitting? neighborex makes it easy for you to opt out of each request you would like to avoid. Again, you're the only one that will know.
To get help you simple open a service request. neighborex sends out an email to the other members of your community -- but only the ones that you've said can help you with this type of task -- letting them know that you need help. The first person to "accept" your request will get to help you. Once someone accepts, neighborex will send you an e-mail letting you know who it is and you can coordinate however you are most comfortable.

You aren't limited to just one community. Chances are you were invited to join your first community. If you think neighborex can any of your other groups, simply create another community and invite those friends. If you're not comfortable starting new communities, use the "search" button to find other existing communities in your area and ask to join.